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Homemade Potato Soup

4 large russet potatoes diced
2 teaspoons kosher salt
½ pound bacon diced
1 cup onion diced
½ cup celery diced
2 cloves garlic minced
¼ cup all purpose flour
4 cups milk
1 can chicken broth

Bring 4 quarts water to boiling, add potatoes and salt, cover and allow to cook until potatoes are soft and tender. Strain potatoes from water and set aside. Using the same pot, brown ½ pound diced bacon, cooking until crisp. Remove bacon from drippings and set aside. Add onion and celery and cook until tender. Add ¼ cup flour (use equal part of flour to oil) to onions and celery and mix well cooking until creamy but do not allow to brown. Gradually add milk to mixture stirring until blended well. Add more milk or for added flavor use chicken broth to thin soup if needed. Remove from heat and add potatoes to soup mixture. Mash potatoes with potato masher to get the desired consistency. (We like ours with chunks of potatoes). Stir in ½ reserved bacon bits for additional flavor. Return to low heat and allow to heat through.

Serve topped with bacon bits and shredded Gouda cheese.